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Very well explained.

I already knew some of this, so my bullshit alarm rang clear when the anti Russia rhetoric began.

The facts about all this is fairly easy to find, but it shocks me that so many people virtue signalling about Ukraine, have absolutely no knowledge of the true situation and no desire to learn the truth.

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Well done.

However, it's ‘Maidan’, not ‘Maiden’ (and there are other typos).

That documentary is no longer on YouTube (surprise, surprise), but you can watch it here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/JiC1mqXQuSky/

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Great explanation! It blows my mind that people still believe the anti Russian rhetoric. It's not hard to find the facts of exactly what has been happening to date. And that anyone trusts a Country like the US that has been the most violent Country in the world with over 800 militry bases dotted around the world, is beyond me. Keep up the good work!

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YouTube link to Masks of Revolution not working

Rumble link here (h/t Simone) In French with English subtitles


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Apr 16, 2023Liked by Mark Kennard

The greatest enemy to my people and to humankind is global capitalism/liberalism, and the managers in the US military/biosecurity state and the central banking system - the current world order. The Ukraine pantomime state is their creation.

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Me, I’m with Putin! Go Russia! Blow these bastards to smithereens!

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What a load of crap

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