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Aug 8, 2022Liked by Mark Kennard

Great opinion piece Mark. The concept of 'trusting the science' regarding one's health is rapidly deteriorating given the absolute failure of covid jabs and revelations of past healthcare failures and indeed individuals own personal experiences such as yours. There is no escaping toxins in life now, they are in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the houses we live in, food sources, and the environment. So when it comes to making decisions on what to put into our body, via foods, vaccines, treatments (ie dental) self care products, etc we can control the toxicity burden but most people are blissfully unaware that each day they consume, or apply hundreds of chemicals to their body. People are toxic beings and until there is a complete paradigm shift that focuses on getting back to the basics of good health, less reliant on big pharma, using natures food as medicine and incorporating life sustaining practices, meditation, clean nutritionally dense diets, adequate sleep, disconnecting from devices and connecting more to nature, cutting out contaminations, chemicals, pesticides. Toxicity also includes on a mind, body, spirit level, meaning assessing relationships and other environments such as work places, which can be toxic and energy depleting. Humanity needs to wake up, and see that we are being poisoned knowingly and unknowingly before it is too late.

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